• Jody Korpan - Roadshow Advertising I have had the good fortune of working with Cory Byrnes for just over one year now. In our search for a graphic designer, we had to kiss (the proverbial) many frogs before we found our prince. more
  • Larry Finnson - 24k Mobile TVIn the past, I have worked closely with Cory to design 90% of my graphic needs. He has a proven ability in his field, a great work ethic, and a talent unmatched by anyone else I have come across.more


The staff at CCB Design and Consulting Ink. work together to build a positive approach to the design world. With 30 plus years of combined experience in a multitude of related fields, we understand what needs to be done for your specific design needs.

Cory Byrnes
President/CDO (Chief Design Officer)
Cory is a professional graphic designer. He started in design in the 90's and worked for and managed Sign Companies...more


Walter Buchko
Walter is a Professional Photographer / Graphic Designer. Photography being his main passion... more


At CCB Design, we have our own in-house photography company, Vizual Energy. With over 20 years experience in both commercial and personal imaging applications, we cover a wide range of services. Our personal photography crosses the spectrum from portraits to weddings to promotional work, while our commercial applications offer product shots, architectural or other imaging requirements. Either way, our focus is to reach beyond the norm to capture the attitude the client wishes to portray.

Vizual Energy